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The way energy lables on appliances are being reformed. Heres a need-to-know guide on what to expect!

Whats Happening?
From 1st March 2021, new energy ratings will come into effect on the following appliances
Washing Machines
Washer Dryers

Whats the change?
Currenty, energy label ratings are A+++ to D. These will now change to A to G. This is because the A+++ to A ratings are overpopulated and need streamlining.

Old to New
The conversion from the old ratings to the new won’t necessarily be a straight crossover. This is because of factors including more energy efficient components and different criteria.

Doing better for the planet
You’ll notice that the A & B categories will be empty for a while, to leave space for technological advances & new energy efficient appliances.

More energy efficient components will include invertor motors and eco washing programmes. Saving the planet and your wallet!

How will we know the difference? Two lables of course!
Products will have both the old and new energy label between 1st November 2020 and 28th February 2021. From the 1st March 2021, just the new energy label needs to be supplied.

Easy QR Codes
The new energy labels will also have a QR code so that you can easily find out more energy details of a product.

This may take some getting used to once implemented however as a nation, we are on the path to becoming even more environmentally friendly.

Thank you Montpellier Domestic Appliances Ltd for providing these helpful tips.


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